Due to the unprecedented pandemic of 2020, Navajo County Friends of CASA stands ready to assist caregiver families with unforeseen challenges driven by Covid-19. We will consider help with housing expenses, childcare costs, and other issues to help provide comfort and stability in the foster home.

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IMAGINE THIS. It is 11:30 at night and a 5-year old girl tries to comfort her crying 2-year old brother as the DCS (Department of Child Services) caseworker removes them from their abusive home to an individual or group foster home filled with strangers. Sounds like something that could never happen here in the White Mountains – right? Unfortunately, this situation, and others equally traumatic, occur several times a month in Navajo County as dozens of abused, neglected or abandoned kids enter the County Juvenile Court System. Is there any hope for these kids?

ENTER NAVAJO COUNTY FRIENDS OF CASA (Court Appointed Special Advocates) - - a non-profit, tax exempt, 501(c)(3) all volunteer charitable organization that is dedicated to serving the unmet needs of children in the County foster care system due to abuse, neglect or abandonment. Friends of CASA:

- provides for the unmet material needs of children in foster care such as baby/youth furniture, car seats, eyeglasses/contact lens,
  bicycles and helmets, school supplies, clothes, etc.

- promotes self-esteem by funding sports activities, tutoring services, musical instruments and lessons, Scout uniforms,
  Cheerleading/Pep Squad fees, etc.

- provides enrichment opportunities through funding for camp tuition, travel expenses, school extracurricular participation fees, sports
  activities, special outings, etc.

AND YOU CAN HELP! Visit our DONATE page to learn how you can help Navajo County Friends of CASA improve the lives of these dis-advantaged kids. We have been certified by the State of Arizona as a Qualifying Foster Care Charitable Organization which means your donation can be used as a direct TAX CREDIT toward your Arizona State Income Tax.

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