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The Mission of Navajo County Friends of CASA is to provide for some of the unmet needs and experiences of abused, neglected or abandoned kids in the Navajo County dependent care system. Friends of CASA reviews individual grant requests for such needs submitted by CASA volunteers, DCS caseworkers, foster home caregivers, kinship placement relatives, juvenile attorneys and any other source that can speak on behalf of the kids in foster care. Each grant request is individually assessed by the Friends of CASA Governing Board and if approved, the request is normally met within 7-10 days.

Grant requests are screened to make sure they will DIRECTLY affect the well-being of the CHILD in question, and if possible, can move with the child as he or she may move to new placements. There is no dollar limit on the grant request, nor is there a limit on the number of grant requests that can be submitted for the benefit of a single child in any calendar year.

Typical grant requests:

  1. Baby and youth furniture (cribs, playpens, beds, dressers, etc.)
  2. Car seats
  3. Bicycles, helmets and locks
  4. Emergency clothing (see below)
  5. Student activity fees
  6. Sports participation fees and equipment
  7. Tutoring services
  8. Special lessons and activities (swimming, music, dance)
  9. Boy and Girl Scout uniforms
  10. Summer camp tuition and fees
  11. Extra High School Graduation costs and fees
  12. Eyeglasses and contact lenses
  13. Items in support of the child’s education
  14. Other items that directly affect the well-being of the child

In addition to these typical individual requests, Friends of CASA annually provides up to $200 in Back-to- School clothing each Fall to ALL school-aged kids without the need for an individual grant request. We also provide for a new Winter Coat for each child in dependent care every year in late Fall.

Friends of CASA typically DOES NOT support home improvements, outdoor playground equipment, vehicle purchase or repair costs, consumables (diapers, wipes, formula, etc.), or other items that cannot travel with the child. However, we will entertain requests from homeowners looking for help in order to complete the State licensing requirements to become a foster home.

Our mission is to help as many local kids as possible, so if unsure, submit a grant request. Each is judged on its own merit with the deciding factor heavily weighted to how it HELPS THE KIDS!

Download and print a copy of our Grant Application.


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