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DID YOU KNOW that there are over 14,000 children currently in the Arizona Foster Care system?

DID YOU KNOW that Arizona State funding for kids in foster care has steadily declined over the last few years resulting in more demand for charitable organizations to fill the void and help provide some basic needs for these disadvantaged kids?

DID YOU KNOW that Navajo County Friends of CASA provides over $75,000 annually to the direct benefit of Navajo County children and their caregiver families? AND over 90% of net revenues raised by NCFC goes directly to the benefit of the kids!

DID YOU KNOW that an increasing number of very young infants (less than six months old) are entering the foster care system each month? In response, NCFC has created “Infant Care Kits” that are inventoried at DCS locations to help in the unexpected transition of an infant to a new caregiver who may not be prepared to care for an infant.

DID YOU KNOW that when a young adult in foster care reaches the age of 18, he/she must transition out of dependent care and into an independent life style? In response, NCFC has created “Youth Transition Kits” with many basic supplies to help these young adults adjust to a new, independent living situation.

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